Precision Contracting Solutions is proud to serve the Silver Spring and surrounding areas! We’re here for the long haul, not like these fly-by-night companies that sprout up all over the place. Don’t take our word for it, see some of our past customers’ reviews below and take comfort knowing we are indeed licensed, insured, and properly trained to complete design and build your dream from the bottom up.

Silver Spring, MD Home Renovation

At Precision Contracting Solutions we’re not just specialists at kitchen remodeling. We take great pride in creating the perfect living environment which is a result of intelligent and highly experienced planning, design, coordination, efficiency, and final craftsmanship.

We are extremely proud of they way Precision Contracting Solutions brings a special sense of pride to each kitchen we remodel. By working with and closely listening to the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients, we ensure complete satisfaction. Our designs are client-inspired, as we guide you through the entire design and actual remodeling process.

Our construction and design services are presently offered in Silver Spring & surrounding areas. Whether creating a kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel project, Precision Contracting Solutions provides unparalleled insights and experience with our more than 20 years of design and remodeling experience.

Undertaking a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you create your dreams based on your own thoughts and ideas of what you want. By working together through the preliminary design phases, pricing, construction, and installation, the final product will in fact become your dream kitchen!

Our Design Philosophy: Your Kitchen is the focal point of your home!

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